Dota - Mercurial, Spectre Guide

This hero is very tank-able. She can easily reflects damage which in turn becomes handy in your match. If you can control her well, you can easily hunt hero in the forest with her Ultimate skill.

Learn Dispersion(3rd skill) first complying with Spectral Dagger(1st skill) if you find that your opponent is aggressive. Learn Desolate(2nd skill) if your opponent is a defensive type. Ultimate, Haunt is useful especially to hunt hero in forest or that flees.

The key items for her are items that having Area of Effect. Radiance, Battle Fury, Mantle Style... Before that, I suggest getting a Vanguard to increase your defense. This hero needs a little patient in killing than the others. However when you are all done, just charge!

I can't tell this hero is male or female XD [Back to Menu]

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