Dota - Crixalis, Sand King Guide

This hero may appears to be strength hero but he is defenseless if he is not well prepared will strong items. He needs to focus on last hit towards creep where that will inflict additional damage on opponent.

Learn Caustic Finale(3rd skill) and focus on last hit towards creep. Then Burrowstrike(1st skill) which helps you to kill hero once he is damaged a lot by Caustic Finale. Sand Storm(2nd skill) is remaind Lv1 for that is to help you escape from being kill. If possible, do not learn Sand Storm but Burrowstrike for escaping. Ultimate, Epicenter is usually done together with Burrowstrike.

The key item is Battle Fury for this items stack with Caustic Finale. Later, you can purchase Heart of Tarresque etc. Basic item is Bracer. Some player uses Blink Dagger or Black King Bar to immune magic while casting Epicenter. It would depends on situation to decide.

This hero is neither weak nor strong. It depends on operator. [Back to Menu]

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