Dota - Rikimaru, The Stealth Assasin Guide

This hero stay invisible permanently if he doesn't attack. If your opponent chooses him, be sure to get items that able to see invisible object or he will be stronger and own the whole game later on.

Learn Blink Strike(2nd skill) where it helps you to chase hero as well as escaping. The second skill to learn is neither Backstab(3rd skill) or Smoke Screen(1st screen). If the opponent is not a type that depends on skill much, learn Backstab whereas the opposite, learn Smoke Screen instead. He definitely doesn't afford to die a lot in the match, so be alert all the time. Ultimate, Permanent Invisibility helps you to hunt enemy in the forest.

Basic items is Wraith Band that increase your health point at early game. Key items are Yasha and Sange, Butterfly and Buriza. Get Yasha then Sange first to increase your attack speed and movement speed, this is very important.

This hero is very strong if you can farm well. Practice the Smoke Screen. [Back to Menu]

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