Japanese Language Exam Is Approaching

It must be weird to see my blog consists of Japanese Posts sometimes. Well, the truth is I'm learning Japanese Language and I'm practicing here. Hope you guys won't mind. Or maybe you guys can learn some through my posts too~ Haha...

The test in on this Sunday and I'm preparing for it now. Although it might be a little hard since my grandma had just passed away yesterday. But I'm trying my best to get the mood to study. As Christian, we believe that she is just sleeping before entering to heaven.

This is not the exam paper but a practice paper from my sensei in order to pass or score. It's still okay when I went through the first few pages. Hope it will be the same on the later stage. Japanese is not as easy as you think, haha~

This is in my cousin's house. I stay over his house to play his Piano for today. What to do? I don't have one for myself~ Anyway, the stand fan behind is spoiling my picture. Hah! Whatever~


Ben said...

Condolences for your grandmother. Cheer up. God bless.

Jason Law said...

wow,that's nice.. you learn it in your school or from other institution?

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