31st Day of Work

Everyone was uneasy for VIP (Dato) is coming. They ceased time for craziness hence working a little bit more serious. I practiced this as well which is constructing site work program, part of my job. Upon waiting, I started to get bored thus I watched this =P

Atashinchi no Danshi, (watch)
-Japanese Drama, thumb up-

Actually, I was hoping that they could hold a big feast welcoming Dato^^ However, I disappoint myself for I envy my friends who had been treated already.

Next, site engineer told me that he is going to take a week leave during Christmas. This means by, I'll have to take over his job =.= swt... Still, I'll make sure that I work for 500 bucks worth per month only, no more no less XD Am I a miser? Not really, I'm just sounding my rights, haha~

Haiz... If they could pay me more, I might had just work as work, not as study~ In fact, I'm playing quite an important role in site although it might seems that I'm extremely free in office but no =.= HR officer who wishes me a fruitful experience from this industrial training, your wish has come true^^

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