My door Punishes Me

It was just 12 hours ago that I teased MahSerene for being rough since a numbers of items has been broken XD Kettle, heater switch, door lockers… Then this morning when I woke up, I found myself… LOCKED!

It is a sign that I shouldn't go to work?
Alright, I admit that I’m lazy to work =P

Fortunately, my room is designed to share the same washroom with MahSerene’s therefore I could escape. Thus I got no choice but to work =.= However, the day was somehow a great day. Aside from being treated twice for lunch, everyone’s treating me as if my internship is going to end already XD They're concerned about my industrial training report, thus providing me sources and references. I guess… The door wanted to seal away my luck but it fails anyway XD Hahaha~

As for dinner, I have it with KhaiShen. After that, he came to examine my violin practicing progress. Right, I’m composing a new music for UTAR ball. This is indeed challenging and I guess my soul wants to give him the best^^
I once told myself during my 21st, “It is time to get serious! The year of my childhood has ended and the year for adults has come…” My principle: I must fully enjoy my craziness when I was young; I must give forth my best when it’s time to come.

Once I get back to my house, I began to fix the door. What is the best method to open it then? The guys must be suggesting that “Force it open!” However, not every forceful action can saves the day. Thus I practiced what a woman would do... ...which is using the softest object to encounter the toughest obstacle. Actually, I think that neither man nor women can claim themselves to be better than the other gender because both of them have different kind of strength. If one can masters both strength… He is a monster XD Hahaha~
In the end, I have the door plastered.

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