Dota - Traxex, Drow Ranger Guide

Traxex is an extremely powerful character in Dota. In early game, she could easily denied opponent from farming with her long-range attack. Thus, she is having advantage over the others. However, her life is rather low. That is why wraith band is needed. As the game progress where she starts to earn golds, you must only buy items that emphasize only on her damage. You will find that defensive is no longer important once you have high damage.

For her skills, learn Frost Arrow first which helps you in killing. True Shot Aura can comes later as the initial damage bonus would not be much anyway. If the opponent heroes have skills which is damaging or helps them to flee, learn Silence instead of True Shot Aura. The key is, Drow Ranger must be able to kill even in early game. Once the ultimate Markmanship is learned, you can start focusing True Shot Aura.

The items for Drow Ranger is simple. Butterfly and Buriza. Never try Yasha and Sange nor Battle Fury. If you can control your target well, Drow Ranger is definitely your hero. [Back to Menu]


Eldy said...

Buy windwalk @ early game can avoid me to diessss then I can go buy divine xD

Btw nice tips !!

leo7_lion said...

But if you get windwalk, won't it be less advantage since damage is not high enough to kill? =)

Drow must has high damage because she doesn't has any skill which can apply enormous damage like the others.

Thus if you use windwalk instead, it will be harder to turn yourself the main attacker of your team.

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