Dota - Yunero, The Juggernaut Guide

This hero is a fast attacker and serious damage dealer. However he is weak in health point. By only gaining him Glove of Haste, you can differentiate his speed from the others.

For skill, Blade Fury(1st skill) is the first choice as it deals lot damage since Lv1. If you are lucky, you may even kill your opponent during Lv1. Then, Blade Dance(3rd skill) which will amplify your ultimate damage. Save Heal Ward(2nd skill) for the last due to its high mana consumption and carries little effect during early game. Ultimate, Omnislash is powerful only if your basic attack is powerful. Thus it depends on item a lot.

The key item for Yunero is BattleFury. This helps you to earn gold before going for Monkey King Bar. Next, you may get health stealing items or Buriza. Basic items are of course Wraith Band. If your damage is high enough, you can earn gold and kill easily during later game.

This hero is easy to operate yet easy to get hurt. Just remember not to use Blade Fury for late game except during escaping. [Back to Menu]

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