Dota - Medusa, The Gorgon Guide

This hero is a defensive type. She can hardly kills with her skills unless opponent targeted her. Another approach, she is a counter attack hero. Unless, you backstab your opponent.

For skills, learn Mystic Snake (2nd skill) but never apply straight to hero unless emergency. Let it bounces few times to increase its damage. Get Mana Shield (3rd skill) as a defense. Save Split Shot(1st skill) for the last so that you can maximize your damage in early to kill. Ultimate, Stone Gaze is only practical when opponent targets on you or when you are backstabbing, opponent turn back to you.

She definitely needs Butterfly to prevent mana lost from mana shield. Other items such as Buriza or Monkey King Bar are not helping her as first key item, I suppose. Basic item is Wraith Band.

This hero is not killer type. For those who enjoy killing, better don't take her. [Back to Menu]

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