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Frankly, I'm not a type who will celebrate my own birthday but if someone were to hold an event specially for me, I would be easily touched. Personally, I think it was kind of unfortunate for me to have this current birth date. As often, everyone is busying. For instance during our primary and secondary schools, we were right in finals. For tertiary education, everyone is holidaying and already back to their hometown. Thus, this celebration should fade along with time.

Somehow, there are still people who remember it especially my family members and friends which I don't recall telling them. They were awesome. Like I always mourn, industrial training is tiring yet their still play a scene for me. Special thanks to them ^,^

In fact, this day actually brings bad luck to everyone XD First was Serene who accidentally dropped her cellphone into the toilet bowl with waste inside when she was happily finishing off her business. Next was MeiNgor received complains accumulated for all the noises she made in her office XD Third was KhaiShen and Susan being egg-splashed. And last was me, stuck in the rain when I was on my way back from the office.

Then, the five of us went for steamboat in ''Telephone Steamboat Buffet" Restaurant XD Upon reaching, we grabbed and filled the table with the foods~ Worry not about finishing them, for we are all big eaters^^
KhaiShen is making the Soup (I suppose)
Look at how much foods MeiNgor and Serene had gathered^^
Susan and KhaiShen starting to eat~

It's been a long time since we last ate steamboat buffet. But I bet this is the last time too for the food and price are getting worse =.= I still prefer the foods prepared by KhaiShen. It was the day before that Serene and I went for 'yum yum'. Simply scrumptious and marvelous.
Serene hiding yet revealingI want to eat again!! KhaiShen^^

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