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For the sake of celebrating my birthday yesterday night, I woke up late today but no penalty was given since there was nothing special in site today =P This post is going to be a short one too, thus I will write about something else instead.

Today is KokYong's Birthday, one day right after mine. And I was kinda superstitious for I'm always taste the bad luck during my own birth-date but strangely right after that day, my luck changes 180 degree. That's is not all, I usually receive gift at days after that. Just like today, my elder sister gave me cash as birthday present. CASH! Not much but it does serves the same value for my internship allowance. Being younger in term of sibling-ship is great isn't it? ^^ Next, Mr Lee slotted me into the coming Tennis Tournament. Waw... It's been a long time since I last hold a racket^^ Nevertheless, I must keep my spirit up because joining a tournament/competition is towards winning! Not just to pass time. Agree?

Somehow too much hope can sometimes be disappointing. That's the most cruel part of life XD Gr... Back to subject, maybe something did goes wrong with my birth certificate. Or maybe KokYong does 'Ong'(Bring luck to) me.

What I'd learned in office today was photocopying. Haha~ In fact, I couldn't say learn for I'd already know how to operate that machine. Somehow, the one and only uncle wants me to photocopy him tonnes of paper reports and so I did for half of the day until the project manager came and locked the machine XD

Learned/Refreshed: Photocopying

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