Memorizing Sentence

I titled this post as memorizing sentence not by the meaning
of memorizing vocabulary sentences but being like death sentence.

As you see,
the exam is still going on and there is never a way to flee.
I as a warrior...or a soldier...I have to fight till the end.

The next paper is going to be Pengajian Am.
No calculation needed!!!
But that's not a good news.
Memorizing stacks of notes is needed instead.

What to do?
Even the tips was given but they're still too much to cover.
But my housemates are still playing like mad.
Dota every midnight and noon.
As if this semester only about skipping and playing. (Hahaha)

A very very very good friend of mine always provides me tips for exam.
Thanks to him that my burden is lighten.
However, he always ask for a treat for meal in return.(Hahaha)

The following paper is not going to contribute any marks for our cert.
But we'll still need to pass it.
Pass it!! only...
It doesn't matter if you get a C or D.
Easy right?
If it's the last paper in exam then it's OK.
We can concentrate on important subjects first.
Now it's just like making our life difficult.


Summer JuiCE said...

LOL D oso cant le =.="

wangzi said...

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