First timer for JCard Day

21st of May was my first time experience working for JCard Day^^ I find it super tiring. We never have a chance to sit for day-dreaming section as I used to, being the fact that our boss was around and there were endless people. He-he..

Serving customers is fun but some people are not deserve to be served. They are those 'Lansi's and 'Actsi's. Maybe the world is too realistic that 'Customer is always right' has become an ultimate law even though they are actually wrong. This type of people better go bang their heads against the wall.

Ohya, I witnessed how my friends force people to buy camera. I mean those who never think of buying one when they entered Jusco. My friends were 'Pera-pera' brain washing the customers. Haha... Hm~ I won't do that. I will feel guilty making people wasting their 'blood-sweat' money on things that they don't really need XD Thus only for those who are interested in buying, I promote according to their budgets.

Note that fellow hiding with his meal? That's not me but Admen. This is the only photo I could snap as our boss was bossing around. I scare...

That day we sold 38 pieces of cameras including SLRs and compact digital. Kind of record? Maybe...

Random pic: This is a suggestion booth, anything to suggest? =)


[~*Erlina~*] said...

y he nid to hide under the table to have his meal oh???

tat suggestion box frenz always wrote take the ticket payment for parking away...LOL

reen said...

bcoz ur not supposed to eat in the booth.

boss ar? cathy or jessy?

and his name is Edmund la.. or u can also call him Ah NA!!! hahahaa

we all think he's a gay.. and did u notice is so called 'moisturizer'??

haahaha he actually make up.. face and neck diff color

leo7_lion said...

Haha, I don't know but he certainly looks fair.

Both Cathy and Jessy also there. I tot Jessy looks very old 1 thru the pictures that u show me, but actually she kinda young looking.

Ok, I change his name now, lol...

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