Life with Stress

As a student, we are defenseless against stresses when examination approaches. This is especially when we are living here in this country, which they emphasized academic more than anything else. I mean they judge talents only by academic. Previously, I thought that this needless concept will soon bygone by time as country developed, but it proves me wrong. Maybe I was already wrong since the very beginning.

Being someone being loved is not as easy as receiving chocolate. In our society, internal wars often occurs due to lack of trust among colleagues or even friends. When we love, we trust them but do not expect a love return where expectation would eventually kills, but we do hope a love return.

We thought that we are indeed blessed for we are not living in disastrous state nor being handicap or something. Yea, blessed enough if stress supplier does not exist. Sometimes I wonder, if the world never developed at all, will it be one that bring us true happiness? Free of stress?


Empty thoughts are worthless now I suppose since time governs us. We are fighting and we need to fight. That's the only way. We could live in grieve but we can not live like that forever. In times, we must stand up, forgetting the past and be ready to face whatever is ahead.

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