The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

This is an old film but suddenly it hits me again =)

In time, there are people who are warning us about the danger that we would face when we do something foolish to our mother earth. They believed that casting is the biggest influence that will wakes everyone. In fact, the west is doing his job taking precaution steps. How about the east? The people take economy more than environment.

A drop of black ink onto handkerchief would spread. No matter how the west cleans, they won't be able to keep it up if the another don't do their part. A simple casting could influenced the mentality of people. Yet, people often take it as a simply entertainment. They burn, waste, and blast to contribute pollution to the max. Who care for what they do as long as it benefits themselves?
You know, the temperature of our earth rise exponentially. This says that, when the day shall come, it will be a sudden. When that comes, serve us right for being ignorance =)

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