Cut my Hair

-!!Scare you off!!-

Hahaha, this was my initial hair style which look like:

A: Eh, you did not comb your hair today ar?
B: You hair so long, you eyes won't 'susah' (suffers) meh?
C: Ah, be merciful! I can't stand that amount of electric! (They mean stunning)

I was about to keep this length for a little longer if yesterday's incident never exists. When I was bathing, I found my hair suddenly consumes more shampoo than usual!!

Hahaha...Nolar, the fact case is that I found my head growing heavier each day.

This decision of hair cutting is kinda hard to make as I have to travel far from Melati Utama to Wangsa Maju or Genting Klang without someone fetching or me myself fetching me. So should I do it today or tomorrow? Answer is today~ Thus I drop by at WenYi, BoonLeong and KakWai's house before and after cutting. At the end, I hanged there until night comes.

I was giving excuses hoping for KokSheng as company but it seems like I was causing trouble =P Finally, I went alone although I don't like being alone =.= Pitiful...
This photo is taken because the lady who was in-charged to serve me suddenly went serving other customer. Waiz! What is this service?! She was such a 'slowmo' (slow motion) and she made me waited long, some more she thinks she is very pretty. Go bang wall lar~
How is this new look? I snapped this one after bathing. Kinda stupid isn't it? Hahahaha...


[~*Erlina~*] said...

u shudnt cut ur hair so short...

leo7_lion said...

Haha, shouldn't I?

LonelyInGorgeous said...

hahaha...wanna know my opinion?

you look like a school boy...haha


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