A Rainy Day

These are my housemate, Saying 'Hi' to all of you before proceeding to my later story^^v

-Alright, Let's Begin-
It was heavy rain yesterday and I thought my house would be flooded since the drain is filled =P The drain is not shallow you see... It is about 0.8 meter deep! A dwelling for frogs, fishes, chameleons, urine and shit...
Beside this 'river', there is an elven forest. Butterflies often visit during sunny days. They lay their treasures but often being eradicated by my dad. "How dare you destroy my Bonsai!" he said. Their treasures never seems to be our treasures XD
Then, my elder sister drove us out for dinner and she accidentally slipped her hand and opened her car booth in the middle of the road. Initially, it opened just a little. But once she crossed a hum, it totally sprang up. Er, embarrassing!! Moreover it was rainy heavily out there!!
Since that outside was raining 'heavily', she has no choice but to move her car into indoor parking area before commanding me to close it. Aiyo, making fun of me only~

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niar said...

hi elendil,,,how are u today? i miss to visit your blog...
mini ecosystem?? right.

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