Hui Min's Birthday

Who is that in this dark gloomy picture? Pop Star Singer? Malaysian Idol? No! She is Mah Serene herself!!! Okay, I know I'm lame here =.= Anyway, I never thought that she could sing that well until this day. Beside beautiful voice, she has also a pair of beautiful eyes~
See! Plus, she never complains that she herself is fat unlike my dear friend YeeLin. Still, I believe that she would turn prettier if she's willing to keep fit =P I hereby snapping this photo as a proof of she knowing me. Who knows one day she would turn famous XD Too bad she's not into entertainment field but civil engineering. What a waste right? Hm~ This photo above does shows something, what do you think it is? Ans: Haiya, people fighting lor... Nothing else =P
Back to main title, it's Hui Min's birthday. She is the fifth one from the left. Being a photographer sacrifice the most =.= I'm always out of the picture! This world is so cruel T.T!! YeeLin! Why you got camera but you don't want to snap...? Sad~
Let's check who has the funniest face. Guys and Girls, which is your target? You don't have to worry if they are single or double, it's anyway common for people to switch partner nowadays. Hehe...
Another bunch of models... All enter model contest, sure get disqualified XD... Do you know why?
Check out how they eat! Sup sup sup~ KokYong's (2nd from right) tongue too long I suppose. Model eat like this where got 'class'? Hahahaha!!!!
Sorry my friends, don't 'geram' (angry) on me commenting you. In fact, I'm helping you to change yourself. Have you heard of friends are mirrors of ourselves? Right~ I'm your mirror right now. Meanwhile, my readers are my mirrors...
Eating is fun. Able to eat is a blessing. Yet, eat too much is fattening... Thus be careful everyone~
This is one of my silly picture. I'm ending my post here, I hope you all enjoy reading my blog... v^^Peace^^v
"Guess what are we going to do now?"
"Wow! Lantern Festival!"

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