Singapore Trip - Orchard Road & Bugis Street

Let's continue with my third day schedule^^

In the morning, we checked our total money left...Hahaha~ Money is something that we must not lack when we are at oversea...

To go with our budget, we had $5.00 lunch outside our Hostel. Not bad...

Couple smile =) They are always happy to be together.

Look at what the third person from left doing =.= Actually this day was his lucky day. He got stomach ache and shat a lot. Hahahaha...

Bugis Street
This place is just like Sungai Wang. They sell cheap stuffs here but mostly for girls =.= Dresses, shoes etc...

Then we found 1 mini mart which sells goods at super cheap prices. Almost cheaper than what we have in Malaysia.

Suddenly all became unties and uncles shopping for cheap

According to him, he can solves 4x4 Rubik's cube. Wow!

Alas, this uncle came out empty handed.

Way to Orchard Road
After running the street, now we aim for the road.

On our way to Orchard Road, we got caught by a hawker on the street.

He made us bought ice-cream bread! Something special.

Here, we got separated by the traffic. See our friends in front?

Zoom! They were smiling. Happily holding hands.

I can't recall what name is this place but as you can see, there is water for kids to play with so that they can get their cloths wet and to buy a new one here.

No worry about rain as this place is roofed. Wind also can't enter.

Christmas trees are everywhere. I wander why can't they be as creative as what we have in the Malls at Malaysia. They couldn't come with other theme except trees and stars=.=

See? Con tree again...

After a long walk, we went for our Hi-Tea.

This is Rice burger. They use rice to burgerfy.

Vanezia IceCream! Wow...Expensive but worth eating... See the picture also know that they are delicious.

The scoop is not big =( No promotion meh? Christmas wor...

We bought some to try since we had traveled so far to see it.

Small right? =.= No choice, we poor mah...

After eating, we visited game center. Maybe I'm not the kind who usually wander around these places. The fact is I saw many interesting games.

This game is the funnest among all. It is a touch screen game but you touch the screen by throwing objects to it.

This game is stupid and time wasting. I wander why people love to play it.

Orchard Road
Finally we reached our destination. This street is huge...

This girl doesn't want to move away when I was trying to take this picture.

Concert. Nah, What I really mean is packed!

This couple appear again!! This time, they were caught by Santa hat seller. Below are the pictures of the carts road show.

Feel like Deepavali...

At the end of the road, there were group of aunties dancing. Exercising I suppose.

When night comes, the whole road goes like this.

It's time for Dinner! Singaporean... Haiz... They actually ran in to snatch our seat after we were waiting for so long. We were the first to book here initially.

Another group of Singaporean. This is what we call Lepakz...

Our Tour guide. Very young and always wear cap~

Alas, our dinner... Simple noodles that actually cost us $15.00!!

I was taking the picture of washroom sign just for memory, me and my friend accidentally enter female washroom! Lol...

During nighttime, we went pooling but only Kenneth and Kiat Boon were in the game.

The rest of us were sitting doing nothing. So Boring~

This night supper was the best as we were treated handsomely by someone who work in Singapore! Great!

G7 is the name? Somewhere at Geylang.

Snap Snap! Let's start eating then!!

Look at the foods! It's impossible for us to order that much if we were on our own. Total about $144 =)

Last Day
Well, somehow I missed Malaysia a lot during the last day. Not Singapore... Lol~ But if Malaysia were to be as nice as Singapore then I'll love Malaysia even better =P

Last breakfast in Singapore. Here is the couple again...

We ate at Geylang for the last time.

Food... I love it so =P


LIZZIE said...

What I miss most about S'pore are the food.. But sadly, it's pretty hard to find HALAL area there.. Oh, n I love it when it's Christmas time because they have colorful lights everywhere! And I am a crazy fan of colorful lights. Say, there are actually quite a lot of unique Christmas trees in S'pore you know.. If it were up to me, I prefer being there than here becoz of the cleanliness part..

But like they say, "hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri".. *^_~*

leo7_lion said...

Me too actually but I've a Malaysian Blood =) I still love Malaysia though...

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