The Real Night Market

Night Market is one among tourist attractions. Initially, it was just a simply market only for the town people. Thus, all things are cheap. Once I've been to Night Market in China lead by the local tour guide. Well, I realised that the Market is actually constructed for tourists like us.

Places in China that the tour guide brings us to, where we can happily bargain the prices while buying them. To be frank, things are much expensive there than it should be. Notice that they ask us not to wonder outside the Store. Guess what? Outside, the same products that we see are only 1/10 of its price compare to the inside! Therefore my sister told me that if we want to experience the real culture of the people, we should be going to the market where the local goes.

Let's be a smart tourist =)

Some pictures of how night market looks like in my home country.
What's important is we see local people shopping with us together.
In a real night market, no bargain is needed nor allowed. Every thing is best price.
Well, this is what happen after the market service is over. Rubbish is everywhere.
But no worry as there will be rubbish collectors to clean up the mess. Lolz... Not dogs, I mean real human rubbish collectors. The street will soon be cleaned in no time.

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