Should I call It a Day?

I received a sms from my friend yesterday saying monday test is cancelled and I was extremely glad. Because I was not able to finish my lab report at point of time. [I'll post about my interesting lab when I get the pictures from YaChie ^^v] Not long after that, another sms came.

"My sincere apology to all of you. I admit my mistakes and willing to change to serve the students better. I hope all of you can give me a chance. I promise to help you in whatever way I can. Can you help to deliver this message to your classmates? I will still see you in Tutorial and the lecture will be new lecturer. Anyway I hope you can give me a chance to correcrt the situation."

Ono, it seems like this post was sent by a lecturer! I was shocked and worried as I did complaint about them in my blog few days ago. (See here) Did one of them found out my blog? Could anyone of them subscribing my blog? I was so nervous...

I checked the sender's number immediately...


It was from Richard (My Classmate). I rolled my eye straight... In fact, both sms that I mentioned above were from him. I was relieved but I repeated the sms again... My feeling now is different you see... Reading the first sentence, I was like... Don't tell that that the previous sms about test canceling is a fake! I continue on with the second to fifth sentences, What's wrong with Richard? Does he really means he sent a fake sms? Sixth sentence onwards, This is weird... It sounds like he forwarded this sms from a 'lecturer' still...

I decided to ask him for the truth and soon I found that the monday test was cancelled due to the exchanging of lecturer. If you want to know which lecture is he (Read this Post, he's in the second picture)

Poor thing... The students actually complaint about him as I did (The only difference is I did it cowardly in blog...Hehe...) The Dean found out about this problem and decided to get rid off him. Is he jobless now? I bet he is... =(

Let's listen to my classmate's comments about this case:

"One lecturer can't be a lecturer anymore because of our complaint. This is what we call customer right in UTAR. lol..." from Mike

"The power of Complaint ==> Monday test cancelled!!! lecturer has been changed!!" from Yi Zhong

"Brother Lim, let us salute you for the last time. May your path ahead is an easy path..." form Kok Sheng

"Anyway, he was digging his own grave. Working as employee is not that you can take everything easy." from Me


1 comment:

Yee Lin said...

I think all of us should forgive him for the courage he has.
In fact, he tries to teach in a better way and we can tell from the efforts that he put in right??
All dumdasses who scolded/insulted/applied sarcasm during the lecture can go bang walls and burn their balls. Cant they just spare a lil mercy to him??!!
Ask them to think twice, is it easier to pick up the apologize path or the resign one??
He has the courage to admit that he's wrong and indeed he did it better this morning.
Fcuk all the dumbfarks who think that they are the men who help us a lot! Fcuk fcuk fcuk!!
I know you know who i am mentioning!
And i know you can forgive him. Forgive him for his wrongdoing, and respect him. ((=
Everyone deserves a chance to change.

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