University Lecturers

Before I started, I would like to declare that this is a complain post =P Get your hearts prepared before continuing.
Every parent is expecting University to be something great and extreme but in fact, it's the worst among school of all categories. Sad case huh~ Generally, university has its philosophy of being independent in our own research. Yet, they want to bind us with attendance taking system. Actually, the intention is not bad at all. The only problem lies within the quality of the lecturers. Although they might be PhD holders or whatever Professional, but we do often doubt their ability as they never seems to suit their title. This PhD holder never gets up from his chair while he's lecturing, or I should say reading the slides. That's how he 'lecture' and he often goes out of topic to spam time. Plus, if you question him something, he's ask you to search for it yourself. So, what's the point of having this meaningless lecture class?
This PhD holder is playful. However, his English often confuses us. He pronounces "Failure" as "Fearer", "Ignore" as "Eno"... I think a qualify lecturer must at least speak proper pronunciation.
In fact, with the notes photocopied, we really do not need a lecturer.
No! We need lecturers to give out tips for tests and exams =) That's what lecturers are for =.=
Almost everytime, we students can present much better. I don't know what's in their mind seeing us performing during our presentation.
Lot of us had given up on their lecturing style and start doing lot stupid things. Anyway, spamming our youth in a lecture like this isn't a wise decision.

Youth = Play + Enjoy



Sammuel_Chan said...

believe me, you haven't seen the worst.

Summer'S JUICE said...

de spamming youth in lecture kia is those group 2 kia~ =.="
n spamming rubik cube seems wise too cause lately more n more people try to find alternative ways to spend their time in (-) quality lecture.. xD

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