Anime Chat Room

I have no idea if my readers, you are interested in anime. Personally, I do and I hope we can share the same interest. Now, here is the challenge: Is cartoon and anime the same? I don’t think so. Although their graphic projection might be alike, their target viewers are different. Another stress is that cartoons are meant for kids but anime is for teens like me =P

One thing I love about anime is their creativity. Their interesting storylines are something that is not easy to be written without imaginative ideas. What do you think?

Today, I was being introduced to this Free Anime Chat by one of my friends, who is also an anime lover. Basically, it is something similar to Skype and Msn messenger where people gather together to chat. Furthermore, people could be from anywhere of the world, from east to west; north to south sharing the same interest. As I had just mentioned, it is more like a Messenger than a chatbox in my blog, people uses webcam and thus we can see how they look like. Anyway, this chat room is free and they are aiming for Anime Chats only I suppose. By doing this, we can be easily updated with anime daily news.

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