He Is Back!!

Looking back at my previous post, you know that the students in my University have ganged up to force the Head of Department to change the lecturer. It was a successful act... We were all looking forward for a new lecturer. Wondering if he looks smart or something.

Who knows...

He came back to our sight today and I'd just missed the part of interesting moment of him apologizing to students. My friend, YiZhong told me that he was about to cry when apologizing. Too bad to have this kind of incident occurs in University huh~

He promised change himself into a better lecturer and...

He finally abandons the chair after 6 weeks of 'sitting' on it. This is his first time using the white board. Well, he really made his effort. That 'peace' hand is YiZhong's.
He filled the board with ink and ink only. I was so touch that I was able to hold my pen for the first time in his class since the beginning of semester.
To my surprise, he really changed a lot. Explaining each and every data in detail... But that's too time consuming.

My friends who complaint him before was not satisfied with this result. Thus they went complaining again. Let's wait and see what will happen.
[View Yeelin's comment, She is my classmate^^]


-Spam a little here-
According to my housemates, Serene went sleep walking [somnambulate] and tore this curtain. Terrible~ But one benefit from this torn curtain is we can check the weather outside through those small slits.
I've made a new one. Hope that she won't destroy it again... Hahaha

And I accidentally fell asleep in class today. I'm on the Candid Camera~



Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Better sleep with your doors locked LOL What if she comes and slit you like the curtains in the night?? :P

Anonymous said...

kenapa tak ada cakap siapa tangkap gambar itu....saya punya bahasa english tak boleh guna, jadi saya guna bahasa melayu

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