Tips to Increase Blog Traffic (Short and Focused)

This is a guide for you and me to gain blog traffic, I hope it helps^^

Right Blog Software
Suitable blog software is important. It helps a lot in editing templete and posting.

Only One blog
Doing single blog is always easier. Your post many be different catergories but at the day of the day they will lead all readers into one root.

Unique Post Title
If you are submitting your URL into search engines, you should have unique title in order to get target audience.

Forums & Blogs
This method is to leave your foot print at sites that people often visit. Your popularity in Forums and blogs will definitely helps to trigger visitor's curiosity towards you and your site.

Tag Your Content
Submit only worth while posts to traffic helper site such as Digg. Irrelevant post will only worsen your traffic.

Comments are Secrets
Don't offer the ability to post comments on the blog and no one will know how many comments you get day when your traffic is little. You can open up the comments once your traffic goes higher. Comments are a judge to new visitors judge whether the site is popular.

Your Blog, My Blog
Indeed blog is ours but you're looking in reader's favorism. Make your blog part of theirs. Not everyhing is relevant to all readers thus be wise to post unique topic.

Link Intelligently
Provide links to useful site is a great idea. It helps to turn your blog more professional.

Invite Bloggers
This is tough but you can actually invite other bloggers to blog together. By this, our traffic could expand even faster as more hands are doing the same task.

Eschew Advertising until You're Popular
Adsense appearing in blog usually irritates readers. Thus, be wise on your layout design.

Go Beyond Text in Your Posts
Including images, interactive elements, the occasional multimedia content and some clever charts & graphs would make your blog interesting^^

Cover Topics that Need Attention
Spend a little bit of the time and effort on research. Let your your blog filled with useful information.

Pay Attention to Your Post
Make sure to know what's are reader's farvorite and plan for a better strategy. You can hold a poll or survey to find out what post readers like to read.

Human Blog
A blog is not a program. Readers most probably prefer blog which are not so serious. Remember to put our heart into your post.

Archive Effectively
It is best to offer the full content of every post. Linking to each post can be a good idea =)

Implement Smart URLs
It is best for URL to be short meanwhile meaningful. It would be easy for reader to access or to remember your URL.

Reveal as Much as Possible
Bare in mind that Blog is an open dairy, sharing ideas to readers. If you can offer content that's usually private - trade secrets, pricing, contract issues, or harmless rumor, your blog can benefit^^

Determined your post masterpiece
Not every post is worthy of making it to the top. Trying to over-market every post you write will result in pushback and ultimately lead to negative opinions about your efforts.

Target on High Traffic Days
Make sure to follow up on a high traffic time period with 2-3 high quality posts that show off your skills as a writer. This is content they should be sticking around to see more of =)

Fulfill Reader's Expectations
Deliver what your readers expect of you. Especially your post frequency. Unstable post frequancy have an adverse impact on traffic.

Build a Brand
Be careful on writing your blog a description, once you have a definition that people like and are comfortable with, it will be easy for you.

Best of luck to you all ^^v


Mackey~* said...

WOW!Cool Man!
Thanks for your tips! It helps me alot! ^_~
Especially the unique title! I used to put "first, second, third" etc, something like that, HAHA!


Jhon Amstrong said...

Good article,.... i love this one, stay update yeah !!!

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