Chinese New Year Eve

Before I start muttering, I wish you all have a Happy Chinese New Year. This is the year of Ox which is "Niu" in mandarin. That's why you can hear some people say 'Chinese Niu Year' instead of 'Chinese New Year'. Fun isn't it? I love oxes, they tastes great =P

Anyway, Oxes, Bulls and Cows... Are they the same? Please correct me +.+ The meat that we usually have in McDonald is which?

Many Chinese do not eat Ox meat especially the Hokkien but certainly I'm not one of them. As far as I know, there are two different stories lie behind this practices. One is that the Oxes help in farming in the olden days thus to show gratitude, eating them is forbidden. Another one is Oxes are Gods, just like the what Indian Worshipers think.

Any of those reasons above wouldn't stop me from eating them. Right, Oxes did helped us in previous last era but not this. And I don't think they are Gods. What can they give us beside methane gases which bring Green House effect to our world? Nah~ These are just my opinions. Correct me if you think I'm wrong^^

Next, what's tonight program? Well, my sister invites me for Tennis but the plan was soon canceled.


alien said...

happy holiday too~

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ox is the working bovine. Farmers use them. Bull means the male and cow is its opposite sex :)

And yes, you're right that studies have shown these grazing animals fart too much in the open and released methane into the air LOL

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

You know what, an Ox really is a name for a castrated bull.. it has no dick.

Maybe for it to concentrate on ploughing the farm! Serious.

leo7_lion said...

Is it? I never know that Vanilla~ thx for the information^^

Ychie said...

Ya, cows do release methane into the air. though, did u know tat the numbers of cows increase due to the demand increase! Farms get their profits from who? farming cows waste much more resources than planting.. U eat them means u r the one who contributes to the global warming!

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