Government Tax

Ever since the price of the fuel had been greatly increased,
the government had disallowed the collection of government taxes from the consumers.

Every Shopping Mall and Restaurant is included.

In the end of the day,
smart service providers increase their service taxes in order to cover up their own taxes,
whereas the stupid one remains stupid. (Hahaha)
Nolar, just they're just being generous.

However, when my dad was paying for a dinner bill today,

we saw this

Hence, I'm wondering as if the government has approved it once again or
it was just a mistake. (But I don't think so)
It should be a fraud.

Since the dinner was paid off using credit card,
we've no way to retrive our money back.

PERSATUAN HAK PENGGUNA has to proved himself useful this time. (Hahaha)
[Consumers' Federation]

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