First Day of Chinese New Year

For those who enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year, please prepare your heart before reading this post =) I don't feel like destroying your mood... Hehe...


First of all, I would like to thank those who started this New Year Celebration for making my life busier! Not to say that I dislike this festival but still I prefer a normal day dealing with our daily chores.

To me, New Year is also an ordinary day. What makes it different is this day encourages us to spend more than the usual days. All parents have to buy new clothing, new furniture and giving out red packets whereas us children have to clean the house even though it is clean. At the end of the day, both party are wasted. I mean, all these are not necessary. If we need new clothes anytime we can buy them; if our dwelling is in a mess anytime we can clean it. It shouldn't be a 'must' when New Year comes. Thus, New Year is giving us extra tasks even when things are unnecessary. Disaster!

Collecting Red Packets is great but when you start counting the money inside, you'll say better don't waste my time collecting them... You see, the weather is extreme hot here yet we have to squeeze ourselves into a single house. Roll eyes...If you're saying this is a chance of gathering, I agree. However how many conversations will rise when we meet with those who are rarely seen? Trust me, you will only converse with those who you know well but that is what you usually do in your usual day.

Some say that we can get to know our far relatives in this special day. Then? What's next? When troubles arise, will you seek them instead of your neighbours? Pointless isn't it? Haiz... Human Relationship is not one day per year matter.

Enough of my nonsense. I know you love pictures^^ Hope you enjoy your days.
This is me. Do you know me? I'm trying to get myself more fit^^ Wish me the best!
These are my parents. Handsome and Pretty^^
My elder brother. He got headache in the morning... lol...
Mom again and my elder sister who claims herself as sportswomen^^
We had special service at church in the morning.
And the sermon is... =.=

People wish for better New Year each year but in fact never Better Yesterday. This is why everyone getting enthusiastic at the beginning of the year but started dying when it comes to the middle year. Hehe...
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