5th Uncle Birthday

On 4th of January, we celebrated my 5th Uncle's birthday in Restaurant Hai Tien Lau. He is 60 this year but still he is able to run around the basketball court.

Usually, you and I would love to receive presents during our birthday. Agree? However this time, my uncle forbid us to get him presents or anything. I have no idea why is it so but certainly this is something special.

This restaurant runs Tim Sam business in the morning. Whereas for evening, it's for ceremonies like Wedding, Birthday, Gathering etc.

Just like what had shown in the list, ten dishes were prepared for each table and there were 7 fully seated tables. Cool huh~ The cost aren't gonna be cheap.

Well, these are the ten dishes that were presented. The point is, they are very delicious but very evilllll~ (Fattening) By the way, do you note any weirdie? The fish on top right picture is a leftover because I forgot to snap before eating it. Haha..

Beside 'basketball'ing, uncle love karaoke too. He has his own karaoke set in his house for him to sing every night. =.=

Soon, his nephew join in to sing the oldies. They are anyway from the same era. Hehe...

Later on, all his sibling were called to sing together with him. Yup, they were enjoying~ Recalling those olden days.

Here is the climax, candle blowing session. His wife(left), him(right) and his granddaughter(middle) get to blow the candles together. Tell you what, that granddaughter(middle) of his always gets to blow candle in anyone's birthday party =.=

Family photo... Although all of them are getting older by time but certainly not weaker. May God Bless them^^

That is me ->


niar said...

hi Elendil,
Happy birthday to your papa...
nice birthday celebration...

leo7_lion said...

That's not my Papa =.=

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