Old Album

Ever since father knows how to use the Internet, he sticks himself in front of the computer everyday reading news and watch youtube… I wander who thought him about youtube. Certainly not me~ According to him, newspaper nowadays cannot be trusted which I agree. Many times they tell lies instead of truth. And the truth can only be found in Internet.

Well my father not only deal with news and youtube, he also download oldies songs =.= In you’re interested in knowing what song he download, try “Temple of the King”. It’s funny song for me^^

Latest news for him now is scanning our old family photos.

-This is the old us- -This is the new us-
v^^We change a lot^^v

And I found myself change a lot =.=
And I notice myself never comb my hair upon walking out the streets =.=

Yea, my family members all weird fellows especially me and my younger sis. We're never the same like others do =)

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Baby said...

we can never be the same again

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