How should We sleep

I wander if human was created without the need of sleep sleeping, what would happen? Did you ever ponder about the importance of being able to sleep? Personally, I think sleep helps us to erase sad memories every day. It gives us hopes under the sun and dreams under the moon. I can see that a world without a proper sleep is an absolute disaster.

Talking about sleeping, a comfortable bed is a must. Although some people might be able to sleep while he was standing or sitting, however that is certainly not a healthy way. The best way of sleeping is on a bed, which is why bed exists. The question is does it matter what a bed looks like?

For me, yes! If a bed has a pleasant look, certainly we would have better dream sleeping on it. Imagine us sleeping in the King’s Bed; we would feel as we are the Royals. Thus, bed looks is definitely an important factor leading to a better sleep.

Second factor is the bed size. It would be impossible for us to sleep well in a gigantic bed which can actually load 10 persons. Likewise for children, suitable beds for children are needed. If a bed is too big, we will feel unsecured.

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