My Valentine's Day With Japanese

Guess what? This post is about my Valentine Day with five Japanese Girls. According to them, they have been visiting Malaysia since 11th February and today is their last day exploring KL area. Basically, all them wanted to do today is to shop. To them, certainly Malaysian goods are extremely cheap and they were shopping like nobody's business.

As their part-time tour guide, I've to wake up at 6a.m, preparing myself to meet them (At Sir Pacific) together with my friends by company bus form Wangsa Maju. Overall, we have 30++ part-timers doing this job and each of us have to guide 5-6 Japz. Initially, I was kinda nervous as I was first timer. Receiving their name list has made me relieved as they requested only to visit Sungai Wang area. This had made my task much easier~ As there were some other groups requested to visit Mosque and Zoo =.=

Starting from 9a.m, we went to Time Square and Sungai Wang by Star lrt. I intended to bring them to Petaling Street and Central Market too but we were limited by time. Sad case... Indeed they like shopping very much and they did shopped a lot.
This is where we had our lunch, why McDonald? According to them, they were very lucky that I was able to communicate with them in Japanese. They commented that Malaysian Food had too much spices that they couldn't stand the taste. Meanwhile, they wanted to try Malaysian McDonald as they found it cheap. As for me... T.T
My task ended at 2.30p.m. Short right? I think so too... Through this opportunity, I could practiced my Japz into more fluent Japz. In fact, I did asked them if they want me to speak English with them, but they rejected. They want things to be easy and fast. I like this job^^ Next time, I'll be better if there is another opportunity given. Thanks to Dan and Hui Xing and Friends...

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Dezz said...

Hi friend, how are you? Sorry I didn't seem to visit here very often coz I am busy in work.
Seemed you had a good Valentine's Day with your friends.


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