One Litre of Tears (2005)

It's so embarrass to admit that I busted my tears even when I started watching the first episode. Indeed I'm making myself into their situation. I asked myself, what will I do if I'm in the story?
This touching series is base on true story about a girl who was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease at 15. She slowly lost control of every part of her own body but she lived on with her dairy in hand until she could no longer hold a pen. Her courage and positive attitude towards an uncertain future when suffering such an illness was proven and amazed by public.


You won't regret~


niar said...

It sounds a good movie,
happy val days elendil...

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

i also cried!!

-popjammerz- said...

this is a real good movie.:)

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