New Semester

Nang this picture

School had started for a week but I had 4 days classes skipped already XP Today is my first day to school and the class is still as bored as last semester.

About the class system, Utar had recently change it. Unlike the past, we were to choose our own preferred subjects now exactly like the other Universities. The problem is... We had been following the course structure for 2 years straight and suddenly they wanted us to select the remaining. Actually, there aren't any choices since the 4th year students must have their selected subjects. So, this whole new plan is meaningless.
Anyway, we have been playing cards for the lecture is proceeding. Not that we don't want to entertainment those lecturers but they actually blowed us monotonous flute =.= swt!

Beside playing cards, I drew too. As shown above~

(Praise this post in innit)

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Lisa717 said...

Wah~ UTAR has implemented such system liao ar?? aiyoh..they shud do this earlier ma..agreed with u lo bro, u guys adi in last year..implement this oso kinda useless leh..i m sure u guys hav not much subject to choose liao since u guys in the last year rite?? matter wat, must study hard hard k?? wishing u have a GAY GAY life throughout this semester ya~

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