Doggy Hair

I went for hair cut today and I told the hairstylist not to make them short but just to style them. In fact, I heard that cutting them will stimulate hair growth meanwhile I do want them to get longer faster. Thus with intention, I Potong! (Cut them!) Hahaha~

As usual, I napped when the hairstyle plays with my hair for I trusted him. Suddenly, I recalled that all my friends who are running internship cut their hair short for the purpose of wearing safety helmet. Gosh! Should I make them short as well? I roll my eyes twice and the answer is "Not~"

After the cut, mom startled "I thought you went to cut your hair?" =.= I did!
Funny, this hairstyle makes me feel like I'm a dog =.=
Whatever... It's better than before I suppose. Oh no, dog is way more adorable than me XD Hahaha~


lp said...

room din chage at all ar???wen i go i'll change all..haha..

kenwooi said...

okay what =)

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