Suddenly Friday

Sis connie just rang the phone and ask me to be the counselor for this coming upper primary BBC, which will start tommorrow...=.=

What happen is, a counselor from Subang could not make it last minute that she was helping Subang Church to find a replacement. Since I'm in holiday, she came to me.

The problem is>>
Upper primary bbc falls on 14th to 18th, my Bali trip's on 19-22th, and junior youth bbc's, which I'm also the counselor on 23-28th.

!!15 days straight!!

Waw, got enough cloth to wear boh o? Underwear also not so many la... All need to use disposable stuffs liao.

So I won't be around for these 15 days. But I'll post a nice cover for my blog when I'm off. -Heh-


niar said...

Hi elendil, you have a planning to go to Bali?

leo7_lion said...

Yea, as stated 18-22th Nov...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Come back and write soon! ;)

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