My younger sis is going to Japan

I have no idea why I feel like blogging now.
Maybe I'm just being influenced by my friend, Yee Lin who always come to my place to blog nowadays. (Haha...)
In fact, she taught me how to blog just now.

Anyway today's news as stated above, my sis had confirmed to further her study in Japan.

Well, on the left is the pic of my sis. Pretty right? Haha. (Proud)
Life is gonna be so much different now.
Among my siblings, she's closest to me and our age gap is only one year different.
We used to have many discussions in our life.
I like to ask for her opinions for many things and I knew she will provides me wise decisions. Same goes to her side^^
(unlike my elder bro =.=)

She'll be leaving at 14th sept this year and it'll be fast.

Actually, we (family) were not confirmed with her boarding until she had received her Japan Visa yesterday as some problems rose during the application thus we were worrying.
But everything's okay now.

We never tell our church friends about her boarding but somehow the cat is out of the bag already a month before. (I'm still hunting for the 'culprit')
Everyone now is urging to hold a farewell party for her.
And for my family,
Mom will fly there to see her next year.
But I can't follow along! No Japan visa (T.T)
It would be easy for my parents and elder sis who are US visa holders to apply one but certainly not me.
Btw, Japan visa is free!

Anyway, we'll still keep in touch.

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