Proverbs vol.1

Final Exam is around the corner but my housemates are still in their holiday.
Maybe I should use 'we' instead of 'my housemates'
Or else I won't be writing this blog here.(Ha ha)

What so ever.

I was wondering whether is there a problem writing more than one blog a day.
Coz 'someone' just complaint that me writing too much.
Maybe it's just bcoz of being the first day I joined into blogspot.
As there is a Malay proverb goes by 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam'
(get interested on something new but soon later will lost that interest again)

Playing with proverbs is fun but somehow if the another party don't understand them then they will be a waste.
So basically this is the first Malay proverb I post here
I'll count for the total of proverbs that I'll post in the future.
(Ha ha)
['eat full full nothing to do' new English proverb]

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