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Finally I'm back to Blogsphere, a world that you and I could share valueable thoughts^^

We've just done for our Bridge Competition in Johor and due to lack of experience XP It was kind of sad for me to disappoint people but I believe that nothing is in vain for everything serve a value in our life.

Actually, I've learned a lot in this chapter from different individuals. Partly from my group leader who is informative and professional, partly from doctorates who are generous and funny, and partly from my friends who are 'crazy' and cheerful. I believe that I'm now become academically and practically grown up a little^^

By the way, I would like to thank KokSheng for sparing me the pear XD I feel so honored indeed eventhough I've mistaken it for an apple initially. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" I gracefully presented it to both Dr.Lim and Dr.Lee, they are our student advisers meanwhile PhD holders. "Oh, you wanna chase Dr.Lim away is it?" Dr.Lee laughed and I was so 'Zadao'~

All in all, 'confidence' is a prestigious subject, which move us forward. If we are lack of it, we gain lesser. Then I came across those people whom really know a lot, but they claimed that they themselves know a little and still got much to learn. I believe this is to be humble. We cannot claim ourselves to know much when 'much' never exist in information encyclopedia.

In fact, the journey back to Setapak is the best. Now in my heart, I'm so grateful to Dr.Lim whom had enhanced my knowledge further. His 2 hours of talk in the car return had actually changed my future direction. Indeed I'd wasted much time but at least, I know what to do next =) Thank You~

PS: A nice video to share~

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