Whole day bored to death

Well, I promised my friend that I'll help him out for the school orientation thus attended the rehearsal yesterday. The main orientation day is Thursday and today which is Wednesday, I've become a 'satay' in my setapak house being the fact that I've nothing to do.

'Satay' means to sit there not knowing what else can be done - my word invention out of 'bored'ness XD

I read blogs, played dota, slept... yet the day does not want to pass. Haiz, I feel like I'm wasting my today's life and I wish that I could save today's time for better occasion T.T

My~ my~


Xjion89 said...

haha, i think most of us wud be living like tat.

hihi, long time din contact , how r u?

Lisa717 said...

have ever planned for Blogger gathering?? since u so bored bored..mayb u can plan for this...hehehhe~~

leo7_lion said...

Sch starting T.T but I've no idea how to organize it =P

But if someone plan it up, I wil join^^

reanaclaire said...

i m bored too in the office.. come read my post... sigh..i wonder tomorrow how...

Zach said...

Let's go to Infinity~

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