A Helper for Orientation Day

Before telling you my story, allow me first to define Orientation Day. Orientation Day is a day where new students is integrated into an organization, learning to corporate culture, policies and procedures of his course. Still, there are many who don't attend and I'm one of them in those days =.= swt!

Now, my story...

TeckWei messaged me through msn on 19th of May:

Him: 25th and 28th free?
Me: Yup!
Him: Help me up for our school orientation day. 25th rehearsal and 28th main event.
Me: Okay~

(I simplify our conversation in order to shorten this post XD)

Then Cathy, my boss called:

Her: 25th you wanna work?
Me: 25th can't wor, I promised my friend that I'll assist him for his event.
Her: Then 28th?
Me: Sorry boss, also can't
Her: It's okay then.

On 24th of May, I messaged TeckWei through cell:

Me: No news? Or you all just canceled the rehearsal?
TeckWei: No worry, it's on 26th. I told you right?
Me: What 26th?! You told me it will be on 25th which is tomorrow!!
TeckWei: Did I?
Me: I got msn history as evidence.
TeckWei: Is it? Then I felt 'paiseh' (embarrassing).
Me: You just made me lost 1 day job salary.
TeckWei: I'll treat you a meal.

In the end, I lost two days' salary =.=

Let's see what happened today which is the 28th.
KokSheng was carrying 2 boxes MeeHon and 1 Fried Rice on his hand. Next... Supiak!!
He dropped the my fried rice!
Me and KaiShen have to clean it XD
MeiNgor laughed all her way while eating and soon, we get bored. She then came out with an idea.
She suggested we play a game which is towering up the bottles.
She planned and planned, finding a way to get herself the highest one.
Supiak!! again~ We lost 1 cup of water.
And Kaishen and MeiNgor were blaming each other. Haha~
Meanwhile, I was stealing the VIP's foods. Nah, I was just testing as if they were poisonous. Finally, I reported them as safe foods.
Now, it's time for coffee making for the VIP since they are on their way here.
We were striving for Old Town Coffee that we poured 15 packs of 3in1 coffee powder into 5 glasses^^
They were just making a show, they dare not eat like what I did. Haha~ I'm so bad.
Actually, the arrangement for the foods is fascinating right? With all those scrumptious colors.
One thing bad about them is they are fattening XD Bad for those who are on diet. (Certainly not me~)
The food is done, next is welcome the VIPs.
VIPs... Not us~ We are not Very Idiotic People.
These are the VIPs. I secretly took this picture, that's why it is blur XP
After consuming my saliva, they went off~


ireen said...

oh..no wonder no work this week la.. tot apa macam y din work when u're having a holiday

Lisa717 said...

kakakakkaka~~~ ur fren who had messed up 2 things bt at the end, i m sure u guys had lot of fun lo rite?? it's great to be part of UTAR to help them in such event. Kinda regret that I did not do anything for my Uni b4..u shud appreciate this moment o~~

leo7_lion said...

Right, we hv fun after all.

There is no one to be blamed since life is about friends and family, not work and money^^

丘雅琦 said...

so funny de u all!
supiak.. something fell..
supiak.. something spoiled..

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