Miss My Sister

I was shifting my pictures in PC and I found these... the old photos taken in 2008.
Haha, they are not my family actually XP They are the family who my sister went for 'home stay' in Japan. That time, she was not a Japanese expert and I believe she was having hard time conversing =) Thus I pray for her Japanese to 'Jooju naru' (became good).

My friends often mistaken that I learnt Japanese in order to practice her. In fact, I was just learning for fun before she ever plan to study there and it has been a long time ever since my last class.
This is not her boyfriend. Just that they are in the same school. For my sister in Japan, we miss you and please take care of everything which are necessary XD May the grace of our God shine upon~


cik ateen said...

adek u study kat japan ea

cik ateen said...

thanks yerr coz puji blog sya..
biasa2 jer tuhh..
when ur sister back to msia..

Lisa717 said...

wah~~ nice leh..ur sis studying in Japan~ It's a pretty + advance country..i m sure she will take gd k there and success in the future!!

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