Okay, my last semester's result was as bad as I expected. I felt like I deserved it for that 'tsunami' had to occur. Shall I call it an experience? Or not... Maybe I should address it as a 'must experience' for my future may change to life.

Well to prevent the coming of next 'tsunami', I hereby declare - For those who know me in person, please DON'T try to understand my moody feeling simply through my posts and try to give advises which by any chance not suiting the my subject. You guys may know part of my thoughts in person but that is certainly not all of my thoughts, moreover these posts are only wordings. Misunderstanding + wrong feedback = hurts a lot... And 'Tsunami' may not be of what you think, so please don't give me feedback in my post okay?

Well, it was kinda strange... I don't really feel the sadness for my result. I suppose I was well prepared.

Part of my personality, I'm an analyzer only when I'm the determinant. When I analyse, I concentrate where little noise could triggers a war.
My DVD driver broke down and I made a plan to work it up. This is just part of it XP

Part of my personality, I'm adaptable in any situation only when things get strange or so called 'cold environment'. Some people would address that as 'thick face' but I never agree with that terms inside of me. Personal thought, to be able to adapt into a community is important to make our way out.
Merging myself into friend's group/unknown people without even knowing their names is not a problem for usual crapping arise.

Part of my personality, helping is priority and my law. When a friend needs help, I will my stop myself proceeding in order to help. I doing it in return of loyal teammates and not just someone who exists for me to know them.
Even when I have the chance to travel another path, I choose not to travel because my hands are not empty.

Part of my personality, those who are dead can revive. I give chances to people only when they know how to changed. I'm easily moved and that makes the different.

Part of my personality, I'm can be emo at anytime inside even when I'm telling jokes, playing games, laughing together with friends. My mind never stops thinking but I never tell my whole story as my story never ends with words.

Part of my personality, I want all things to be in right and wrong. There must not be gray if possible. And I believe all skills can be achieved if we ever strive. For pianist, artist, may not comes from a teacher.

So, do you really know me?

1 comment:

Lisa717 said...

hmmm..dun ever n ever give up k??
you still hav long way to go^^
Do ur best in nex sem!!
Wish u all the best and God bless^^

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