Golden Inheritance

I just came back from Ipoh and was hit by surprise. Mom told me that grandma actually inherits golden ring each to me and my elder brother. Believe it or not, they are pure gold! Below is the ancient receipt of my golden ring^^ Sorry for I can't review its price or I'll will be *Choi choi choi! =P Anyway, this golden ring is nothing like the ring projected in movie 'The Lord of the Ring'
I don't see 'evil eye' like Frodo, I don't turn invisible upon wearing it~ But maybe I will be hunted by people like how he does. Haha~
Zhang!~ The Lord of the Ring, New Era!~
The design is nothing like what Frodo has, yet my elder brother's is exactly the same as Frodo's. Anyway, I still prefer mine.

Hm~ I guess I was bestowed with fortune this month^^ Thank God =) First was mp4 sold, second the nuffnang cheque, third extra Jusco point for nothing, forth additional cheque, and fifth is this golden ring^^


ireen said...

wah,,vr rich ar.share some fortune abit..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Lovely ring :)

leo7_lion said...

I love it so much, but I not used to wear lar... Feel a little annoying at finger, Hehe

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