A Tennis Coach by mistake!

I just got my arm strained from following his instruction.
And he's blaming me for not doing it his way.

Damn lar!
I've been playing my own style for so long and nothing has happen.
Only after joining his class and practicing HIS USELESS BASICS,
My arm starts to suffers every lesson.
(Just that I never voice out in front of him)

I tell you what,
Whether a coach is successful or not,
We can see through his students.

Upon entering his class,
I've already knocked down all his students couched by him for more than 2 years time.
Don't tell me that I was lucky.
In fact, they're nothing but useless players.

What more terrible is,
he almost MADE me forget how to hit top spins!
And all my slices are gone! Ghar!!!

Old hag! I'll never listen to you again. Time's over!
I'm quiting your class!

Different personalities practice different skills.
And he's not my style at all.
I must retrive my skills back!

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