R. Nadal and R. federer

Tennis has become my favourite sport ever since the day I hold the racket. And every tennis competition in the world nowadays is bothering my daily life. Is this bad or what? Haha~ I don't think so.

Sports are activities that relax our minds. Besides, it keeps us healthy. Can you imagine your lifes sitting in front of your computer doing nothing but only blogs? Haha...

Anyway, one of my friend has just recommended me a site that could actually get ticket seats to watch any sport competition, theater and concert LIVE! Cool!~ Moreover, the prices can be negotiated if more tickets were to be bought. Meaning going together with a gang of crazy friends can helps to get a cheaper price~

Here are some of the ticket categories which I would like to share,
Madison Square Garden Tickets
United Center Tickets
Allstate Arena Tickets

And some tennis competition previews,

Althought I've no idea what languages are those,
but they're cool!

Finally, the winning scene! Wow!


LiNg LinG said...

haha .. but i duno tennis...

Hpin said...

Thanks for information. I like your blog.

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