Sony Handycam

Many people like to collect SLR cameras
-Big big size cameras-

And guess what?
I'm it's promoter~
Part time only
But limited to NIKON products
Cool right?
Having a SLR camera~

My post today is about my Sony Handycam
That above is just an opening to my speech
Personally, I prefer Video Cam than SLR for home use
That able to capture moving screenshots than just a still image
For any speech or laughter that needs recording,
Video Cam, I choose you!

-Sony Handycam-
Cool right?

80x Optical Zoom
4.0 Mega Pixels Still Image Recording
30GB Hard Disk Drive
Enable NightShot, Back Light etc

Well, its price is even cooler~
RM 3000++
But certainly it worth that price

Its production,
I've just lowered the quality for faster streaming =P

In fact,
I'm also a promoter to JVC videocam
But I'm being disloyal
Part time only mar~

Sorry JVC~

1 comment:

HPin said...

I agree with you. Video cam is much better.

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