Class In School

Before I started, allow me to state some personal thing.

Frendi (co-worker) just rang me up to 'supervise' me again =.= This kind of 'call' is predictable when 2 or more Ricoh are sold by me in a single day. In fact, he can hardly sells Ricoh in his entire life. Swt! Some people really prefer to jealous on other's achievement rather than improving themselves =.=

Back to my class matter^^ I swore to try my best skipping class as much as possible this semester but I turned out breaking my own vow in the end of the day. HaHa...
Things are certainly going to be tougher. Upgrading is an obligation but no matter what I do, God comes first =) He is the one who grants opportunities that chances of proceeding I shall have.
Anyway, I've been busy nowadays with lots assignments to handle of. Sorry for my current posts being short :(

GoGo Cornelius! Fight to strive! =)

Thank You =P

(Praise this post in Innit)


alotstuff said...

nice blog and have lots of stuff here.....

ireen said...

he call u talk wat shit?

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