Hard Reset an IPhone

Today's class was normal whereby my bunch of playful friends borrowing my iPhone for games. However when I got my phone back, it jammed! This is a common case for an iPhone I suppose =.=

Thus KianHoe helped me out. He thought me how to reset an iPhone with just one simple step. Not tossing it to the ground of course =) It is by holding both 'menu' button and 'home' button for 10 seconds until the screen is blank out where the apple logo is then seen. That's all^^

I hope this post will somehow assists those who are having Iphone^^v Peace~

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Lisa717 said...

aiks..y the iPhone like tat geh~~ hmm.. veli helpful of ur fren to teach u the way to solve the prob.^^

iriene said...

Wow wee, your iphone - canggih!
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