Industrial Training at U-Thant

Ok, it is time to face the fact. I'm going to burn myself under the big sun starting on this Monday onwards. Waw!~ This is not sun bathing! This is torturing! Gr... I don't want to be fried fish yet I'd inadvertently made myself traveled this path, the construction industry =.=

I recalled, the person whom I so-called 'promoter' at the education fair told me that civil engineers are solely in charge of the calculation work, they work not under sun. Laugh loud for I've been deceived. I wonder why am I so adolescent in the past =D Serve me right for being aimless.

In fact, aimless is not describing me really. I want to be a designer initially. Too bad I can't hold my stand at that moment =P Whatever~ I'm not a time traveler anyway. Eventhough that I am, I can't change my aging. I'm getting old~

I hope this internship will be a good one. If it really changes my mind about civil engineering, so be it. But I have faith in God that He will lead me the way^^ Maybe I'm destined to be stuck in this field. Who knows? For I've befriended with bunch of interesting pals. Yet, I don't want this friendship to halt after graduation T.T

Okay the fact is, we really run in separate way for our works as we are meeting together in the university from different continents of the country. Then, civil engineer is loaded with projects that swift us frequently. Thus, chances of us to reunite is indeed slight. Thinking about this alone makes me bust. I'm starting to miss my friends already T.T

Below is the map of where my working site will be. It is named Gallery.
Am I going to supervise the builders to build this thing?
Ans: I will see XD

Quiet a big structure huh? I'm hoping for a ticket of free staying upon completing the structure =P

Anyway, Thank God for today~

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Më| §zë said...

many people mentioned that the course that they are doing, was not what they expected. lol...

industrial training is fun, for me, at least...

enjoy it... =]
*enjoy the sun, lol*

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